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We are your all-in-one home consulting service, inside and out.

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What we do

All-in-one home consulting services & solutions

We provide a helping hand for seniors, busy families, property agents, and anyone looking for a convenient fully managed solution to home and property. Don’t have time, resources, or trusted solutions providers? We’ll take care of that, and more. 

Home maintenance, property upkeep, repairs, painting, roofing, landscaping, deep cleaning, home staging, and much more – bringing you more value for money. 

We are your all-in-one home care and consulting service, inside and out. 

No more multiple service providers.

We all know the feeling of having endless things to do to take care of the house. Cleaning. Lawn care. Renovations, repairing, and property maintenance, and so on. No matter how hard we work, the list continues to grow. We are a helping hand for seniors, busy families, new homeowners, or those preparing to sell, to anyone who’s looking for a convenient, all-in-one tailored service provider for home and property care. We save you time and money – all hassle-free. 

That’s right – no more multiple service providers, hidden costs on projects, or concerns if the job is going to get done well – efficiently, effectively, and transparently. We oversee all of this. From on-site consultation, sourcing, job inspections, scheduling, handling quotations, and more. We are your total all-in-one solution to house and property care, inside and out. 


Increase the value and enjoyment of your property


No more multiple service providers – we can cover everything.


Free yourself from the never-ending to-do list.


Enhance the flow and function of your home and property.


Trusted, qualified, local and personalized service.


Range of property and home improvement services all in one place.

House care done for you

Our home consulting services truly benefit you by providing you with the organized peace of mind that is often hard to find. We handle just about everything that goes into a project for your home, one-time or on-going; from consultation and advisory to sourcing, job inspection, follow-ups, scheduling, quotations, and more. We make it hassle-free so you have time for better things.

Our approach

We provide house care services for every inch of your home and property, whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing one, from handyman repairs, deep cleaning, to home staging and everything in between. We approach everything we do with a customer-first mindset – with care, empathy, trust, and personal touch. Since 1996, we have established a solid team and expertise to take care of everything that goes into home maintenance and real estate. Our mission is to provide professional home care services to see everything through efficiently and effectively, offering tailored packaged solutions that are unmatched elsewhere. Consider us as your personal property maintenance caregiver.

We offer a complete range of property maintenance and home improvement services all in one place. See our services below.

For landlords and rental property managers:

we provide a consultation advice on what’s required to bring the property up to code. This might include cleaning advisory, building-related matters e.g roofing, or plumbing work to be completed by our licensed tradespeople.

For homeowners or real estate agents:

in the early stages of listing a property, we provide a professional inspection of the property, outlining work that can make the house more presentable and therefore more valuable to the market.

For people looking to make alterations to their property:

we provide professional no-obligation ideas on new bathrooms, kitchens, basements, outdoor decks, backyard, and extensions to improve the value and enjoyment of their home, inside and out.

Featured Services

We provide a variety of services for your home and property care, inside and out. If you’re looking for a service that’s not listed here, no problem! Just let us know so we can solve your needs.

Speciality Cleaning

Renovation cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning, restoration cleaning, disinfection & sterilization cleaning, and more.

Interior Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, furniture/upholstery, stain removal, grout cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Pressure washing, grout cleaning, duct cleaning, window cleaning, outdoor surfaces.

Real-estate preparation

We can provide a consultation and an outlined booklet of what you can do to get your home ready for market. Take advantage of our experienced team of licensed tradesmen, home stagers, to professional real-estate photography, and more to prepare your home & property.

Junk & waste removal

Attic, garage, basement, backyard, and unwanted clutter and debris. 

Moving service

Personal move coordinator, load, hauling, transport, and load/unload of belongings, packing, qualified drivers and equipment. 

Animal Poop scoop removal

 Animal & pet waste cleanup and removal.


Lawn care, weed removal, trimming trees, clearing undergrowth, and other landscaping, including plantings, walls, fences, and paths.

Decks & patios

Deck and patio design, construction, and repair. Concrete patio stamping, bricklaying, deck & patio spraying, staining, and coloring. Grout cleaning, pressure washing.


Installation, Repairs, Refinishing, Coatings. Including hardwood flooring, carpeting, tiles, etc.


Seasonal Servicing of Heating and Cooling, Clean and Replace Filters, Install Filter Systems, Install Humidifiers

HVAC cleaning

HVAC Ductwork, Whole House Ducts, Dryer Vents


Small Repairs, Interior & Exterior. Take advantage of our experienced team of licensed builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, plasterers, roofers, and handymen, to sort out all your needs.


Service, Installation, and Maintenance. 


Outlets, Switches, Service Panel, Shorts and Other Non-Operating Fixtures


Drain Clogs, Fixtures, Installations, Pipe Leaks, Shower Heads, Toilets


Interior & Exterior, Individual Rooms, Whole House, Nail Pops, Settling and Crack Repair, Powder Coating, Touch-Ups

Roofing & gutters

Roof renewal, Repairs, seasonal cleaning, gutters and leaf Guard Installation

Pre-sale preparation

There’s a lot to do when you’re gearing up to sell your home. We help busy homeowners and their agents get properties in tip-top condition, fast, with carpet cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, painting, plastering, windows, grout cleaning, real estate photography, and more. A well-presented property attracts more buyers and boosts the sale price.

Our service always includes a personal consultant that works with you to solve your home care needs, tailored to you. Most of all we want to ensure your ‘to-dos’ are taken care of smoothly without you having to worry. That means no more multiple service providers or contractors, having to deal with hidden costs, and concerned if the job is going to get done efficiently, effectively, and transparently. We oversee all of this. We are a total all-in-one solution to all your home needs!

Pre-sale preparation

We can help you with those unfinished projects, or even the small repairs or jobs that you just don’t have time to do. From painting – internal and external – to fixing a deck or fence to laying a new patio or pathway, we have the team to do it.

Take advantage of our experienced team of licensed builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers and handymen, to sort out all of those building jobs out before you list for sale.

Trades, renovations & handyman repairs

We can help you with those unfinished projects, or even the small repairs or jobs that you just don’t have time to do. From painting – internal and external – to fixing a deck or fence, to laying a new patio or pathway, we have the team to do it.

Take advantage of our experienced team of licensed builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers and handymen, to sort out all of those building jobs out before you list for sale.

Home & tenancy cleaning

Dust and dirt always find a way to get into the toughest, most hard-to-reach places. Whether you need just a single room detailed, stain removal, renovation cleaning, to a whole-house scrub down, inside and out. We provide a wide variety of professional cleaning services inside and out, residential and commercial. We also provide approved carpet cleaning, window cleaning, mould removal, and safe gutter cleaning service to prevent mulch build up, mould and debris.

List of cleaning services we provide:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture /upolstry 
  • Stain removal
  • Odour treatment
  • Mold removal
  • Appliance & oven
  • Grout cleaning
  • Kitchen deep clean
  • Bathroom deep clean
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning & outdoor surfaces
  • Duct cleaning
  • Renovation cleaning
  • Move-in/out cleaning

How It Works

1. Tell us about your project / needs

From small to large tasks, one-time or on-going, inside or out, we’ll see it through. Every client’s needs are unique and we tailor to them, whether you’re a busy family, a real estate agent, or a senior in need of a hand.

2. Schedule a consultation

Our service always includes a personal consultant that works with you to solve your home care needs and put together a customized plan. The consultation is typically done on-site, but can also be done remotely.

3. Full project management

From customized cleaning, home renovation, to home staging, and more, we can help with full project management, scheduling, resource sourcing, invoicing, and everything in-between overseeing it all.

Home consultant Vicky Roblin goes beyond what traditional cleaning services offer, working with her clients to create a custom plan for cleaning, maintaining, renovating, and prepping their homes on an ongoing basis.

After years of working in the field of real estate property and residential and commercial cleaning business, Vicky Roblin has extended her expertise and added value for those that want to improve the function and flow of living spaces and property.

Her passion for all things beautiful, meticulous attention to detail, working closely with people, and problem-solving background set her apart from other cleaning services in York Region Ontario, and because of this added value that goes beyond traditional cleaning, her business has grown quickly by word-of-mouth.


Many of her clients with busy lifestyles and hectic schedules began relying on her for an ever-broadening range of home-related services. As a result, Vicky has earned a reputation for offering unsurpassed service – and adding value to her clients’ homes and lives. Many now consider her an extension of their own families — some of whom have relied on Vicky’s services for more than 25 years.

I think that it’s important to develop a strong client relationship with clients. You have to build that trust. It’s a huge undertaking for a client. By going through the home with them, you show the client you care. It’s that personal touch.” – Vicky


Amazing results and amazing service. Thank you, Vicky, for your dedication to me and my clients.

– Patrick A.

Wonderful company. Vicky and her team are amazing! Vicky is always very responsive, caring towards her clients and is always willing to help. I hired them for cleaning services and they always do a great job. Highly recommend Vicky and her services to anyone!!

– Tania Z.


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